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You're not looking for promises.. you are looking for Results!  For whatever the reason, you are looking for new employment.  So Why should you use us?

1.  Morgan Recruiting Group doesn't go straight through Human Resources. We'll know who in our clients organization to go to and will get your resume in the right hands.

2.  We ensure you don't get caught in the mechanized resume system if you tried pursuing the corporate resume mill yourself.

3.  We know our clients.  We know what they want and who they are looking for.  We will ensure you meet their expectations for a long career. 

4. Be prepared for a tough interview. It doesn't help you or the company if 'it doesn't work out'.  We'll ensure that this company and position is what you are looking for and vice-versa, you are what they are looking for.


There are many recruiting firms out there. Find out how they ensure your success. Ask them their process and history with the company.  What happens to you if the company isn't getting back to them....  do they stay in communication with your or do you get left out waiting for return phone calls that never happen.  To us you are important. You are not a number and we will treat you with the respect you deserve whether the result is positive or negative.


Hopefully your experiences with recruiters have been good.  What you will learn from Morgan Recruiting Group is how to be a great candidate; how to write a resume, plan your interview, how to present well and answer questions properly.  Most importantly, after the interview we will help you be successful!!


Give us a try.... if you are seeking a position and you have the skills to be great, call Morgan Recruiting Group today!!!




We provide solutions in several types of employment relationships

  • Contract-to-Hire  

  • Long-term & Short-term Projects 

  • Direct Placement

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Bill is a detail-oriented manager who takes care of his consultants. 
He is straight forward with this information and gets the job done.


Robert Lunger, Temporary Consultant  

Bill Morgan (a.k.a. the Job Swami) has the "Unique Quality" of bringing out the "Full Potential in Others". 

Bill is an "Inspiration to Everyone". He provides "Outstanding Leadership", by helping others who are seeking employment "Achieve their Goals", through his Outstanding Articles, Examples, and First Hand Experiences. 


Sharon Bingert, Job Seeker

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